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Venturing With God in Congo


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Recommended by Dr Steve Pettit, President of Bob Jones University:

“Prepare immediately to evacuate.  Situation grim.  Helicopter coming.
Don’t delay.  Don’t question. . . Irene is dead. . . Wait for Helicopter.  Love, Darrell.”

These words on a cloth bandage dropped from a plane above the mission station in Iwungu Congo describe the depth of commitment and the personal cost that missionary Darrell Champlin and his family joyfully rendered to bring the news of Jesus to the people of Congo, Africa.  Venturing with God in Congo is more than a history of a missionary endeavor or the story of one missionary.  It is the testimony of the triumph of the Gospel in the darkest places of Africa by very ordinary people who prized the glory of the gospel above their own lives. Young and old alike will be riveted by the story of how God used one man and his family to reach thousands for Christ and more importantly, every reader will be challenged to personally engage in gospel ministry.


About the Book:

Venturing with God in Congo is a riveting collection of stories written during the early 2000s. It is comprised of Darrell’s memories of the ten years that he and his wife Louise spent on the mission field in Congo. He includes preaching excursions, individual conversions, everyday life, hunting trips, and other anecdotes that will fascinate, challenge, and inspire the reader.

His inimitable writing style takes stories that had occurred twenty or thirty years prior to writing and brings them back to life in an incredible, powerful way. Frequently, the stories feel as if they had just happened that morning or the week before, rather than during
another decade.

He also delves into the theology and passion of missions in a number of places, remarking on the history of the African tribes and how their culture contributed to their response to the Gospel.


Listen to the author’s sermon “Love With Shoes On” below!




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Darrell Champlin


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